• Note:VS890 only support WIN XP system. Do not support windows10 above the computer system, and is the highest version does not support the upgrade. If you need more advanced equipment can contact us to recommend a higher version of the product.

    Top 6 features of Vgate VS890

    1. Supported language: Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hebrew, German, French, Finnish, English, Dutch, Danish and Chinese.

    2. Works on ALL 1996 and newer vehicles (OBDII & CAN) - domestic and import (check your vehicle work protocols including VS890 support protocols list or not, very important).

    3. Simply determine the cause of the Check Engine Light (MIL) and O2 sensor test.

    4. Bright color coded LEDs and built-in speakers provide both visual and audible sound for readiness checking, better than ELM327 AL519.

    5. Multi-language menu and DTC definitions library, better than ELM327 and AD310.


    Vgate VS890 description

    Multilingual user interface, supports up to 13 languages

    Application layer fully complies with ISO 15031 and is compatible with SAE J1979.

    Fully functional mode $ 01 ~ mode $ 09 operation.

    Supports a large number of vehicles from 70 manufacturers.

    DTC includes generic (P0, P2, P3, B0, U0 and C0) & manufacturer specific (P1, P3, B1, B2, U1 and C1, C2,) codes.

    Detailed DTC library: DTCs are explained in easy-to-understand words rather than obscure jargons. Online help information is available for 80% of all DTCs, which shows the possible cause of the code.


    Vgate VS890 features

    1. Color: Metal Black

    2. LCD: 3 inch black mask LCD, wide visible area, high contrast. The content is legible even in strong sunshine.

    3. ABS + PC engineer plastic case (passed 6-meter free fall test.) Patent No.200830010963.5.

    4. Harmless lightfast color.

    5. Rubber oil sprayed housing; slide, dirty, and vibration proof.

    6. Passed EMI / EMC test.

    7. High quality PET 6-key film keyboard. (3M harmless glue)

    8. CE, FCC, RoHs certified

    9. Support manual input DTC lookup table

    10. Read DTCs

    11. Clear DTCs

    12. Data stream

    13. Freeze frame

    14. I/M readiness

    15. O2 monitor test

    16. Bordmon test

    17. Component test

    18. Vehicle information.

    19. Module presentation

    20. Unity of fairs

    21. State of emission

    22. Read DTCs

    23. Read DTCs Saved

    24. Read pending fault codes

    25. Detailed help information

    26. location the possible cause of a DTC.

    27. Up to 161 data items, each of them is provided with online help information.

    28. Reset motor MIL

    29. This process will clear all DTCs, freeze frame data, oxygen sensor data, and reset IM Monitors and MIL.