Car Circuit Probe Pen(VT100)
● Unique Design & Easy to Use
● LED Digital Display & Bidirectional Voltage Test
● Three Working Modes
● Replaceable Test Light Bulb & Predictable Frequency
● Wide Application
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Product Details

New design Vgate VT100 automotive test light remedy the various deficiencies, VT100 has multi-function, such as automotive voltage tester, positive and negative polarity tester, car fuse tester, signal tester, design with exquisite workmanship, practical and durable, easy to use.

Vgate VT100 Multi-functional Test Light:

  • 5~30V DC Wide Range

  • LED Digital Indicator, Bidirectional Voltage Testing

  • Large Size Alligator Clip

  • Switch for Different Three Working modes

  • Replaceable Test Light Bulb

  • Predictable Frequency

  • Steel Probe Protective Cover

  • Two Sharp Stainless Steel Probes


  • Only for testing 5-30V, Please make sure that the voltage value of the product to be tested is within this range before testing.

  • When the LED indicator light is bright but test light bulb is not bright, it means bulb burnt out and should be replaced.

 Positive and negative direction detection:

  Red light on: The ground probe of the electric pen clip is connected to the forward voltage.

  Green light on: The electric pen probe is connected to the vehicle ground wire, and the clip is connected to the positive pole.

Mode switching:

There are 3 modes in total. The mode switch is operated by the physical buttons of the electric pen body. Press and release the button to cycle through the three working modes.

1. Quick Test Mode (LED display and bulb work at the same time)

    By watching the brightness of bulb, only roughly judge the circuit fault of the voltage. combined with the voltage which showed, it can accurately test and improve fault diagnosis.

2. Computer-Safe Mode (LED display works, light bulb doesn't work)

    In this mode, test light draws much less current, preventing damage to sensitive circuits and also quickly show polarity of positive and negative with fast.

3. Light Bulb Mode (LED digital doesn't work, bulb works)

    Design with 5W car light bulb, as load, it can quickly judge circuit failure and find the hidden fault of virtual electricity.

Frequency prediction:

    It can be used to measure injector signals, spark plug signals, crankshaft sensor signals, etc.

Wide Application:

   Vgate VT100 professional 5-30V circuit test light, widely used in dc voltage tester, car fuse tester, automotive battery tester, probe tester, perfect for a variety of cars, trailers, vans, RVs, motorcycles, boats, etc. Test light automotive is a very useful tool for family, automotive engineer, electrical engineer, circuit DIY.

Packing List:                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

   1 * Car Circuit Probe Pen

   1 * User Manual

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